A dust and waterproof system with Mil-spec and IP-67 ratings, Guardian was designed to meet the extreme conditions of security and military applications.
06, July 2020 Military X-ray inspections are commonly conducted under stressful and often dangerous situations. The forces need to capture the X-ray image and be able to analyze it very quickly, every second count. To address this challenge, the Guardian system offers ultra-fast deployment, one-touch image capture, and advanced one-touch filters that assist in the identification of covert and embedded objects.
The first Military-grade Digital X-ray system for security applications
"Existing digital x-ray solutions were adapted from the medical market for security applications with minimal changes to address market needs"
“Guardian is the first system to be designed specifically for security, every element in the solution has been created to address a requirement that came from the field. For example, we have developed a detachable handle on the panel" said Alon Feldman, Vidisco's VP Sales & Marketing, so, the operator can decide in real-time to capture a portrait image or a landscape image, enabling flexibility in complex surroundings, while enhancing the panel's stability. The system also includes two "hot swappable" batteries, so the operator can charge one battery while using the other. For the past 30 years, we have been working closely with security EOD units around the world. During this time, we have developed unique image enhancement algorithms that help detect conventional and CBRN threats. Guardian features VEO v5.0, the latest version of our industry-leading software."

Addressing field requirments
Guardian includes additional optional accessories and features, such as integration with robots, a Dual Energy Module, which differentiates between organic and inorganic materials; an external camera that can be mounted on top of the X-ray source, a slider solution for large objects detection, and more.

Guardian will be available at the beginning of March with two panel sizes, Guardian17 a 14”x17” panel and Guardian12 a 10”x12” panel and with a variety of configurations such as rugged case, backpack, laptop or tablet, wired or wireless connections with a range of up to 1.6km (1 mile).