NEW! VIDI 7 portable X-Ray DR system for NDT needs

VIDI 7 fits into the smallest spaces, delivering 75-micron high-resolution images for challenging weld applications

New Solution for NDT

New Solution for NDT

With high resolution images for a detailed images, you can spot the defect easily

This system was developed based on customers' needs and supply a solution for DR X-ray technology for small and difficult to access space for NDT use.
In addition, the high-resolution quality of the captured images can see through the most challenging weld inspection.

Vidisco's VIDI Systems

Eliminates the need for film, this green solution saves on costs and storage.
The new VIDI 7 system is fully compatible with Vidisco systems and developed to the same standards.
This lightweight, portable and autonomous system delivers the results you are looking for.
The new system is also rugged with a shielding layer that can handle high X-Ray energy and with an 8 hours battery for a wireless mode of operation.


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