NEW! Guardian 7 Portable X-Ray System

The New Guardian 7 System for VIP Protection

Another Solution for VIP protection

A New Solution for Special Security Needs

Guardian 7 Portable X-Ray DR system

Easy to carry & conceal. Fast setup & threat detection. The discreet, portable DR solution for VIP protection when you’re on the move and need to quickly assess threats.
With a pixel pitch of 75 microns and with image capture of 2-3 seconds, fast and accurate detection of suspicious objects is now easier than ever before.

When every detail is critical, discretion is important & fast reaction is essential, you need Guardian 7

This lightweight & portable solution has a small footprint, making it easy to remain inconspicuous while enabling fast set up and hi-res image acquisition – allowing you to see the small details and accurately assess possible threats.
Fully compatible with all Vidisco systems.


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