How to stay in touch with your customers in the Coronavirus challenge

Vidisco is launching its new service portal under the COVID-19 challenge


How to stay in touch with your customers in the Coronavirus challenge

There is no doubt that the world is facing the biggest challenge of the century

Companies are trying to keep business alive during an almost absolute shut-down. There is no way to overlook the challenges of doing business absent human interaction and more than that, to keep communicating and fulfilling your customer’s needs without interruptions.

Creating a Customer Service Portal was one of Vidisco’s goals for 2020 before we were introduced to COVID-19.

However, we can say that these challenging days emphasizes the need for continued communication with our business partners and users. The Vidisco new Customer Service Portal allows service request submissions fast and easy, straight from the corporate website.
The system also includes two "hot-swappable" batteries, so the operator can charge one battery while using the other. For the past 30 years, we have been working closely with security EOD units around the world.

In addition, the portal provides designated technical information on the specific systems which allows users to educate their team and obtain an in-depth knowledge base of their systems which will transform them into professional Vidisco gear operators. The information provided to them is diverse and presented in several forms starting from quick start files and tutorials up to “How-to” videos and more.

If you are Vidisco partner and you would like to obtain personalize login information to the service portal, please contact

Vidisco’s effort to sustain human interaction will not end there. Over the past month, Vidisco produced four new videos with its sales team showing the simple use of the Guardian and Defender systems along with advanced accessories such as long-range communication. The videos provide the demonstration procedure that is missing these days due to the lock-down that countries imposed on their borders.

Vidisco is committed to serving its customers and partners with exceptional service along with its quality products. Despite the challenge we face, the three values that makes Vidisco a brand are Efficiency, Expertise and Confidence. Moreover, we will continue to find creative ways to keep our mission and meet our customers' needs.


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